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iPhone 4: will it arrive in autumn in CDMA version ready for Verizon?

iPhone 4: will it arrive in autumn in CDMA version ready for Verizon? – Macitynet.it

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The new iPhone 4 will also arrive in CDMA version, ready to work on the networks based on this technology used by Verizon in the United States. The rumor has been around for ever but the new voices coming from Taiwan, reported by DigiTimes, offer a more robust set of details. First, the company that will handle the construction Foxconn does not, as is often done for Apple, Pegatron bens. Rumors report that iPhone 4 CDMA production may start as early as August or September. These timings would allow Apple to create enough stocks to deal with a launch that now not only rumors but also several analysts place at the end of 2010, probably in November.

iPhone 4 CDMA version will be substantially identical to the standard iPhone 4: some unverifiable indiscretions claim that Apple intends to offer support for Voice over Rev A technology for the simultaneous transmission of data and voice traffic, a technology that seems to be adopted by Verizon and also from Sprint.

With the iPhone 4 CDMA production contract, Taiwanese observers expect growth for Pegatron's revenues in the 2011 financial statements, despite the fact that the manufacturer has recently lost large construction contracts from Asus. In addition to the construction of the iPhone rumors report that Pegatron has also formed important construction agreements with Acer.

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