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iPhone 4 will have twice the RAM of the iPad

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iPhone 4 will have twice the RAM of the iPad –

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Since the iPhone 4 prototype leaked and into the hands of the press and geek, there have been many speculations, assumptions and rumors about the hardware specifications of the platform. Although the device was officially presented at the latest edition of the Worldwide Developers Conference, some doubts remained about purely technical details, since the conference was mainly dedicated to the applications and functions of the iPhone 4.

Finally, some confirmations come to us from the editorial staff of MacRumors, which report a news according to which iPhone 4 will have 512MB of RAM, going to disprove the rumors and concerns that they wanted the new model of the device still stopped at the 256MB of RAM present in iPhone 3GS. To confirm it would have been the same Apple during one of the sessions of WWDC 2010: iPhone 4 will have twice the RAM of both 3GS and the most recent iPad, especially to meet the new multitasking functions and more complex applications: one of these should definitely be iMovie, which will only work on the new iPhone and not on 3GS and iPad.

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