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iPhone 4 versus Canon 7D: movies compared

iPhone 4 versus Canon 7D: movies compared – Macitynet.it

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That iPhone 4 was capable of capturing high-resolution and impressive-quality footage had already been seen at the last Worldwide Developers Conference, but now that the device has been launched, casual users and bloggers can test the power with their own hands. This is the case of Sean Michael Duran of Take Zero, a portal dedicated to making short films and sharing tips for video and photo enthusiasts. Through an interesting video, Sean has made a comparison between a video shot with iPhone 4 and the same scene taken by the Canon 7D that he uses for his works.

The author immediately wanted to clarify that the experiment was not born initially to compare the two machines, and that in many scenes the Canon 7D was not properly exposed or even out of focus. However, although the inferiority of the Apple device is noticeable in numerous parts of the movie, there is no doubt that the final result, especially if we consider that we are talking about a mobile device against a professional SLR, impressive. We have therefore decided to propose it again at the bottom of the article, but the advice is to see it in high resolution and in full screen.

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