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iPhone 4, the first in a row is already there and will wait for a week

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If, some years ago, learning that someone had lined up five days before the launch to buy the new iPhone, you had shaken your head, get ready to launch the San Vito dance by reading this article that will tell you the story of Justin Wagoner, a future iPhone 4 buyer who is preparing to stay in front of a store for 7 days.

justin wagoner tent lined up for iphone 4

The story, which is not clear whether it is a phenomenon of blind passion for Apple products, technology madness, simple madness or exhibitionism, is taking place in Dallas, in front of the store that Apple has opened in the Texan city. Here from Thursday afternoon, as evidenced by the Dalls News, a tent arose and a folding chair appeared both at the service of, in fact, Justin Wagoner, a young local student who calls himself a very determined fan. Its purpose is obviously to get hold of one of the iPhones that will go on sale on the morning of Thursday 24 June when the shop doors open at seven. If the story doesn't seem incredible to you, maybe it could become so when you learn that in reality the good Justin would have no reason to stay camped, since an iPhone will wait for him in the shop at any time he presented himself since he has booked online.

I do it to have fun – says the young man in a speech on the MacRumors forum specifying that he is unemployed because he is suffering from a handicap problem – to spend time and take a vacation. I haven't been on vacation for ten years and I thought I'd spend my first campsite like this. I have everything I need to survive a week even in the heat of Texas. The tent equipped with a cot, a chair, a fridge with drinks and food and the Apple staff is treating me as if I were a king. I also brought a cable to charge the phone and everything that needs to be powered. There is also a chemical toilet in the back of the shop if needed

Needless to say, the event is arousing interest and curiosity at an international level since, thanks to the booking mechanism in recent times, the queues in front of the Apple stores have been a rare event and in any case no one, if not the "mythical Greg Packer felt the need to camp in front of the stores days before.

Here below the Dallas local TV report on Justin Wagoner