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iPhone 4, sold out (or almost) on the first day

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The first iPhones 4 are already gone, almost all the pre-orders and in less than 24 hours. The success of the launch of the new version of the Apple mobile phone is evidenced by a short press release from AT&T which states that those who will order the phone from now on will receive it from 25 June onwards, with the possibility of even reaching 5 July. it was the most commercially intense day in our history – reads the AT&T press release -; starting from Tuesday evening, those who ordered an iPhone will receive it from 25 onwards, depending on when they submitted the purchase request. We will have some units available on the day of the launch that we will give to customers in order of arrival in the store

Americans don't seem to be the only ones who liked iPhones. On the British website, shipments (not deliveries) of iPhones have already passed directly to July 2nd, as if to say that whoever will order the iPhone tomorrow, June 16, will receive the iPhone well, which will go on Monday July 5th, or 11 days after the first people who bought it today. In the British Apple stores only the 16 GB model seems to be available for delivery on the 24 only.

At the moment only Apple Store France continues to guarantee delivery by June 24; those who try to book at a shop, however, cannot find any availability. During today's day, however, iPhones at the Louvre store or at the Odysseum in Montpellier were still bookable.

In Japan and Germany, the only two other countries that with the United Kingdom, France and the USA will have the iPhone on June 24, it was not possible to book iPhone online but it seems that, at least in the country of the Rising Sun, the number of people in line in front of Apple stores where you could put yourself on the list has exceeded several hundred.