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iPhone 4 review unit is scratched visibly on the back

iPhone 4, review unit is scratched visibly on the back – Macitynet.it

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Scratches on the back of the new iPhone 4. To show a rather eloquent image from which unsightly engravings emerge on the back of the Engadget phone that had one of the test phones distributed by Apple to the journalists who had to review it.

The appearance of scratches is raising questions, perplexities and question marks. As known, Apple has focused heavily on the hardening of glass surfaces that would be resistant to rubbing and therefore also to "scarring" from contact. What seems to have happened on Engadget's phone would demonstrate the opposite even if some sources highlight how Gorilla Glass (the special hardened glass with aluminum silicates that would characterize iPhone 4) only on the front and not on the rear. However, there remains the problem of a device that after only five days of use, presents a noticeable aesthetic failure. Whether it's a problem localized to that same device or a global "bug" only time will tell, but of course if the case were the second, Apple would have something to be embarrassed about.

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