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IPhone 4 reception, hit and answer between Jobs and an angry user

In the infinite series of rumors, news and evidence on the iPhone 4 reception problem there is an interesting development: officially Apple and Jobs even deny the existence of a problem, but in a fiery exchange of emails between Jobs and an angry user the CEO of Cupertino suggests calm and patience: Cupertino at work to resolve the issue even if it is not clear which solution the CEO is talking about.

The unusual and interesting exchange of emails, described by The Boy Genius Report, born on the basis of a triangle: "Tom", the enraged user mentioned above, an Apple engineer and then especially Steve Jobs. Unlike many other almost infinite news concerning Jobs's email responses, TBGR ensures that it has verified all the traces and the path of the emails, an examination that allowed to validate the originality of the messages. Basically TBGR 100% convinced that the email exchange actually took place between TOM and the Apple CEO.

Apple initially contacted Tom guilty of publishing a video on the Internet showing everyone the problem of receiving iPhone 4, with the relative loss of signal when it is challenged in the left bottom corner, the forbidden one. On the phone, the Apple engineer whose name was rightly removed said that the problem does not exist, that it is a series of rumors and asked Tom not to publish other videos online. Tom, a passionate Mac user for about 20 years who has followed the Apple in each launch, felt teased, immediately wrote a burning letter addressed both to the engineer heard on the phone and to Jobs himself.

"You are all agitated because of the rumors of the last few days – was Jobs' reply – give yourself a calm down". Jobs' response and tone were the proverbial drop that made Tom's pot of patience overflow, which did not calm down at all but got back on the keyboard for an even more fiery email, believing he wasn't hallucinating from unspecified and unfounded rumors, but to have touched a real problem with your hand.

Jobs returned to respond by advancing the hypothesis that that the tests may have been carried out in areas with weak signals or that the data available to Tom and his other acquaintances with the same problems as the iPhone 4 are in some way distorted. Jobs' most interesting emails are the last two, moreover written without Tom having subsequently replied to the second; in a Jobs, he suggests to the angry Tom to stay tuned: Apple is working on the problem. In the second, Jobs again assumed the pose of life teachers: “Relax, enjoy the family. It's just a phone. It's not worth it".

Still taking for granted the genuineness of this email exchange, a paradoxical situation is evident: Apple and even Jobs officially exclude the existence of any iPhone 4 problem, vice versa in private contacts and with individual Jobs users on more than one occasion declares that a solution, it is not known exactly what type of hardware or software or both, being prepared within Apple. Cupertino's public and private paradox appears as such only for those who know superficially the things of the Apple. For those who have been following it for years and used to glimpsing beyond the curtain, this latest episode as well as all the brawl exploded around the iPhone 4 antennas is not an exception but the rule. The official admission of Apple's responsibility for iPhone 4 may perhaps also arrive but in most cases, in the past, the admission of the existence of a problem arrived from Cupertino only tacitly and indirectly and a posteriori, with the publication or the implementation of the solution. Whatever it is, who will be or would be nobody can say.