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iPhone 4, problems also with the proximity sensor?

Despite record-breaking commercial success, the iPhone 4 seems to be having an unlucky period. First the discovery of the reception defects related to the handle, a problem of considerable weight. Now online comments from many users who complain of a malfunction of the proximity sensor are starting to flock.

Present from the first generation, the sensor assigned to detect in particular the proximity of the face during a call, to consequently turn off the screen thus avoiding involuntary interference between the touch display and the face which could cause, for example, the closing of the call or the handsfree activation. According to some reports, in iPhone 4 the sensor would sometimes "jam", being unable to turn off the screen during the call, or to turn it back on after removing the phone from the ear; the latter case which does not allow the user to interact with the screen.

The good news (so to speak) that the defect would seem limited to some specimens of iPhone 4, not to all the units produced even if the interested parties could be a significant number, given that the official discussion where we talk about this bug on the forum Apple has nearly 100,000 hits.

It is not yet clear whether it is a hardware or software defect; in this second case the problem could then be solved through a firmware update.

(By Giordano Araldi)