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iPhone 4: no delay for the July launch according to Steve Jobs

iPhone 4: no delay for the July launch according to Steve Jobs – Macitynet.it

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iPhone 4 will arrive in Canada and presumably also in Italy at the end of July without further delays caused by the very high demand that the new smartphone is collecting in the countries of the first group. The reassurance of compliance with the timing announced by Apple comes according to the latest rumors from Steve Jobs in person in response to an email sent by a Canadian user. In the email, the user exposes their concerns to the Apple CEO: considering the high demand for the iPhone 4, it is legitimate to foresee a delay for the launch in the countries of the second group, as was the case for iPad, whose launch was delayed by a good month for the same reason. With the usual synthesis that distinguishes the reply emails, Jobs simply answers "No".

Although it is an indiscretion relating to an email from Jobs, the rumor bodes well not only for a smooth launch and on schedule for Canada but also for Italy and the other countries of the second group. Among the factors that could delay the launch of the iPhone 4 in the countries of the second group, some analysts indicate the difficulty on the part of LG to build a sufficient number of Retina Displays. For the moment there are no further news or indiscretions that would confirm the real scarcity of pieces so you just have to wait confidently.

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