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iPhone 4 from French prices clues to Italian ones?

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iPhone 4 from French prices clues to Italian ones? –

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Less than 10 days after the launch of the iPhone 4, Italian enthusiasts can now get an idea of ​​what the price of the new smartphone will be in the boot. With the Apple Store update, iPhone 4 is available for booking in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and also in France, these are the nations of the first group that will receive iPhone 4 starting June 24.

The prices published in France for the iPhone 4 are precisely the most significant, which today offer a clue of what the price may be approximately also in our country. In France iPhone 4 costs 629 euros for the 16GB model and 739 euros for the 32GB version. We also remember the price of the new iPhone 3GS with revised downwards 8GB memory capacity which in France offered at 519 euros.

For the moment in Italy Apple has only published the price of the new "small" iPhone 3GS 8GB which is 539 euros. Between Italy and France this model proposed with a difference of only 20 euros against the Italians. This is a small gap considering the size of the expenditure, most likely due to some adjustment of taxes and duties, as well as the different receptivity of the market. It is therefore probable that those who are already thinking of getting their hands on the new iPhone 4 as soon as it is available in Italy, around the end of July, will have to set aside over 600 euros for iPhone 4 16GB while they will need close to 750 for iPhone 4 from 32GB, essentially a few percentage points more than previous generation models.

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