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iPhone 4: France, the UK and Canada sell it unlocked

iPhone 4: France, UK and Canada sell it unlocked – Macitynet.it

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Starting on Saturday 24 June, the new iPhone 4 will be offered without operator lock in France, the United Kingdom and Canada. So with the exception of the United States where iPhone is still an AT&T exclusive and bound to work only on this operator's network, in the other 3 countries it is possible to buy the new Apple smartphone already ready to connect to mobile networks in most of the world. We remind you that iPhone 4 penta-band: it supports all UMTS-HSPA frequencies and even the 800MHz frequency used in Japan and probably soon also in Europe.

Unlocked iPhone 4 information can be useful for fans who just can't wait for the launch in Italy, scheduled for the end of July. With a trip out of town, maybe in the very near France it is possible to go home with the latest Apple gadget. The same goes for those who have to visit Canada, France or the United Kingdom for pleasure or for work from June 24 onwards: any good excuse to get your hands on the iPhone.

Watch out for. At least in France it seems that iPhones purchased in stores are formally blocked with the specific operator who will provide it to you. Only those of the Apple Store, as specified in Macitynet by the operators of the French shop themselves, are "unlocked" and therefore can also be used with Italian operators. But to buy on the Apple Store France and have the phone a month earlier than in Italy, you will need to have a contact person to send it to because Apple stores only ship within the country in which they operate. In addition to this, it should be considered that, at least according to the information (which in truth there seemed to be a bit still botched) of the French operators themselves if you insert a card from a French operator into the phone, the mobile phone will be blocked on that network.

The same recommendations apply to the UK. The wisest thing is to buy on the Apple Store On Line UK by having it delivered to a friend who lives across the Channel, or to provide delivery to a British Apple Store with online booking.

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