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iPhone 4 can run on 5 different bands, Apple declares 4

iPhone 4 can work on 5 different bands, Apple declares 4 – Macitynet.it

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The new iPhone 4 is a penta-band smartphone: it can work without problems on networks of 5 different frequencies. The detail does not emerge from the official specifications: here in fact Apple has omitted the significant detail and reports only 4 frequencies: 850, 900, 1900 and 2100. The support for the fifth frequency of 800MHz emerged immediately after the presentation of Steve Jobs of iPhone 4 , thanks to the registration of the new smartphone with the Federal Communication Commission signed FCC.

At the moment there is still a mystery as to why Apple has not publicly revealed the penta-band capabilities of the new iPhone 4. The mystery appears even more curious if we consider that this feature is present only in another smartphone the Nokia N8. In any case, in addition to the refined design, the best performance of the Apple A4 processor and the Retina Display, this mysterious specification can increase the value of the investment in the iPhone. The 800MHz frequency is already used by some operators in Japan and soon it will also be used in several European countries, when local authorities will re-allocate the frequencies used by analog TV to satisfy the growing bandwidth appetite of mobile operators.

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