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iPhone 3GS, Apple Store ships in 1-3 days

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iPhone 3GS, Apple Store ships in 1-3 days –

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iPhone 4 has not convinced you? Are there too many uncertainties about your arrival in Italy? Do you think that the cost, predictably rather high, is not within your pocket? Or simply its new features do not interest you but you still want an iPhone fully capable of supporting all the news of iOS 4? The solution is: go to the Apple Store and buy the 8GB iPhone 3GS.

The old (so to speak since it was the cutting edge of the mobile for Apple until a few days ago) practically ready for shipment and has very interesting features. It is the same hardware that Apple fully supports with iOS 4 and therefore capable of managing multitasking. It has functions such as a tap-to-focus camera and a compass and a more "muscular" processor than that of the iPhone 3G. The only limitation compared to the models on sale previously, the memory capacity of 8 GB instead of 16 or 32.

The 8 GB iPhone 3GS on sale for 539 euros with shipping in 1-3 days; how to say that ordered today should arrive at your home between next Tuesday and Thursday.

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