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iPhone 3G will arrive in Brazil on September 26th

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iPhone 3G will arrive in Brazil on September 26 logomacitynet1200wide 1

The source quoted MacMagazine with a brief news appeared on the official blog: according to some exclusive information, the launch of the iPhone 3G in Brazil seems to be confirmed for September 26th. The mandatory condition considering the absence, still at the time of writing, of an official announcement by the mobile operator and Apple.

The date of September 26 for Brazil had been assumed by Macity a few days ago.

Always from information collected from anonymous insiders, Apple is preparing to launch new MacBook Pro by mid-October. The voice, this time originating from South America, in line with the forecasts and rumors that have been circulating on the Web for months and that come from every corner of the globe. Interesting detail, the indiscretion explicitly mentions the MacBook Pro and not the MacBook which the long-awaited and equally anticipated renewal of that of the professional models. As far as the latter are concerned, these would be products that are very different from the current ones and respect these "innovative", unspecified characteristics that are reported by anonymous informants. The Brazilian Apple Resellers would have been informed by Apple about the management of the stocks of the current models to avoid unnecessary stocks in anticipation of the renewal.

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