Gli iPhone 12 avranno fotocamere con lenti migliori e sensore stabilizzato

IPhone 12 prices unveiled five months before launch

It seems incredible for Apple but, despite the adoption of OLED screens and 5G technology on all models, the iPhone 12 prices anticipated in these hours on the net, if confirmed, would be in line with the current ones, on the contrary: the users who will buy the new base model they would even spend less than the current iPhone 11, currently the least expensive terminal of the Cupertino top band.

According to the new anticipation, the iPhone 12 5G prices of this year will start from only $ 649, this for the smaller 5.4 model with dual cameras. The replacement of the current iPhone 11 always expected with 6.1 screen but OLED instead of LCD seems to be instead proposed at 749 dollars, against the current 699 dollars required for iPhone 11. The increase of 50 dollars little thing taking into account the better screen and connectivity 5G, two characteristics shared by the entire range, as confirmed by this latest anticipation, in line with what emerged numerous times in previous reports.

Infime remains the iPhone 12 prices for the two top models, those that will replace iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max respectively: in this case price and positioning are expected to be identical to the current ones. Heir to iPhone 11 Pro with 6.1 OLED screen and triple camera plus LiDAR sensor seems to be offered at $ 999 in the US, same price as iPhone 11 Pro. Equally heir to iPhone 11 Pro Max which will sport an OLED screen of 6 as well, 7 will start at $ 1,099, as is the case now for the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a 6.5 screen.

Apple will launch 5 new iPhone 2020s and an iPhone 2021 without connectors

This year's iPhone 12 5G price list confirms the arrival of four models and all the other specifications indicated several times in the past months, therefore all OLED and all 5G: the leaker Jon Posser who correctly predicted the arrival date of iPhone SE 2020, specifies that the price list comes from the same source that allowed him to anticipate the arrival of the cheapest iPhone and therefore in his opinion reliable.

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