iPhone 12, nothing but falling prices: it will cost more than 11 | Rumor

iPhone 12, nothing but falling prices: it will cost more than 11 | Rumor

The next generation of iPhones, according to information that emerged in May from Jon Prosser's now famous leak, seemed to make everyone happy. Small notch, a really compact base model (only 5.4 inches) and falling prices despite the arrival of the 5G.

All too good to be true, perhaps. In recent times something has cracked: the notch apparently could remain unchanged, the 120Hz screen is not even a certainty about the Pro, and it seems that the package not only will no longer include the EarPods headphones, me not even the wall charger. A strategy to be able to afford a more aggressive price? According to the information that arrives today, no: not even that. Rather, prices are set to rise.

Colleagues from MacRumors have in fact had the opportunity to view a recent report by analyst Jeff Pu, which speaks of a starting price for iPhone 12 (the 5.4-inch one) of 749 euros. Which means $ 50 more than the iPhone 11's 699, and as much as $ 100 more than expected by Prosser in May for the 128 GB version (749 should have been the price for the 256 GB version). Too much? It depends on your point of view. Basically iPhone 12, in addition to integrating 5G, will also have an OLED screen, unlike iPhone 11 and its LCD.

As for the other models – in total there will be four new iPhones -, it seems that iPhone 12 Max can cost from a minimum of 799 to a maximum of 849 dollars, that is with a increase between 100 and 150 dollars always compared to iPhone 11, with which it will share the diagonal of the screen, or 6.1 inches.

Again this is a price higher than that expected by Prosser, equal to 749 euros (and 849 for the 256 GB version). However, the report is not expressed on the top models, that is iPhone 12 Pro (also from 6.1 inches) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 in): we don't know if the price increase will affect them too. Prosser's figures in this case were 999, $ 1,099, or $ 1,299, respectively (128, 256 and 512 GB) for the iPhone 12 Pro, and $ 1,099, $ 1,199, or $ 1,399 (128, 256 and 512 GB) for the Pro respectively. Max.

And you, what do you think? A possible one price growth would be justified by the new technologies implemented even excluding the cut of headphones and charger, or not?