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iPhone 12, "flat" design like iPad Pro and 120Hz Pro-Motion display Rumor

iPhone 12, "flat" design like iPad Pro and 120Hz Pro-Motion display Rumor

Except slippages due to the current health emergency, the announcement of the next generation iPhones, the iPhone 12, is still about four months away, but, as always, there are already many rumors. The latest come from Max Winebach of XDA-Dev that they will be there interesting news regarding the displays.

After arriving on the iPad Pro, the 6.1 and 6.7 inch iPhone 12 Pro would also be arriving Pro-Motion technology which allows you to vary the display refresh rate from 60Hz to 120Hz, depending on the content that is used. When viewing static images, for example, the refresh rate drops to a minimum to go as high as possible when scrolling through web pages or when viewing games and multimedia content. This "variability" allows you to avoid excessive battery consumption which should still be even more capacious than the current ones. For the entire iPhone 12 range OLED panels would be expected.

As for the design, there are further confirmations on the adoption of a flattened steel profile that will extend over the rear glass to ensure greater resistance in the event of knocks or falls. The front should be completely flat, similar to iPad Pro and, as a further sign of distinction, a new Navy Blue color should replace the current Midnight-Green.

Also for the FaceID there would be some news: the detection module will be smaller but will have a wider field of view, working better even when the phone is placed on a desk. Furthermore, FaceID should offer better recognition performance thanks to "dynamic zoning algorithms" that will allow you to focus on your mouth or lips. The sensor should also monitor the orientation of the face relative to the screen to prevent the rotation of the screen when we are lying down. The larger 6.7-inch model may also have a TouchID sensor built into the display.

The cameras, according to rumors, they will all remain 12 megapixels but they will have faster autofocus, better optical stabilization and improved performance even in low light conditions thanks to Smart HDR and larger sensors and pixels. It shouldn't be missing the 3D LiDAR sensor, already adopted on the new iPad Pro, which will also be used for portrait mode. The telephoto lens will be available in night mode while the optical zoom will reach 3x with a 20 / 30x digital zoom. The microphones, finally, could offer a function the audio zooms in the videos that, probably, will go up to 8K.