iPhone 11 Pro Max, front camera good but not at the top | DxOMark

iPhone 11 Pro Max, front camera good but not at the top | DxOMark

There iPhone 11 Pro Max front camera was recently examined by DxOMark, which recently returned to analyze the photographic sector of the most recent Apple smartphones – see the iPhone 11 test. The self-timer module integrated into the top range of the Cupertino house was judged good, but not able to match the performance achieved by the best smartphone of the category.

The main features of the TrueDepth camera (it is the same integrated in the standard variant of iPhone 11 Pro) can be summarized as follows:

  • 12MP sensor
  • Fixed focus lens, focal length 23mm, aperture f / 2.2
  • Smart HDR
  • 4K video recording up to 60fps
  • Portrait mode with advanced bokeh effect and depth of field control

More specifically, the iPhone 11 Pro Max self-timer camera has received a overall score of 91 (resulting from the performances recorded with photos and video videos), which allows him to position himself at the bottom of the top ten.

The source highlights the progress that has been made compared to the previous iPhone XS Max (currently 15th in the standings with 82 points), or the integration of awider angle lens, the support for 4k video recording and a general quality improvement. The aspects that can be improved, however, concern the digital noise present both in outdoor shots, and (especially) in conditions of low ambient light.

The podium in the ranking of smartphones with the best front camera is formed by Huawei Nova 6 5G (1st), Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (2nd) and ASUS ZenFone 6 (3rd). iPhone 11 Pro Max has to settle for tenth position

Among the positive aspects of performance with photo the reproduction of the very bright chromatic range – especially outdoors – the accuracy of the exposure characterized by a wide dynamic range, and a good level of detail of the faces taken from a short distance. The management of the white balance that turns towards warm tones and the distortion of the faces at the edge of the frame are less convincing.

Chapter video: the good management of exposure and color range is reconfirmed, the validity of the stabilization system is underlined, while the yield with low light that negatively affects the colors continues to not be enthusiastic.

Ultimately, concludes DxOMark, iPhone 11 Pro Max turns out to be a valid option for those who come from a previous iPhone or for those who want to try an Apple smartphone for the first time, but cannot climb at the top of the ranking which is dominated by the triplet formed by Huawei's Nova 6 5G (100 points), Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (99 points) and Asus Zenfone 6 (98 points)


(update of January 28, 2020, 07:55)