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iPhone 11 Pro Max against Galaxy S20 Ultra is the speed test between titans

iPhone 11 Pro Max contro Galaxy S20 Ultra è il test di velocità tra titani

For some, the speed tests between smartphones are useless, especially since the top of the range are now able to deliver performance well above the needs of the vast majority of users, but continue to have a fascination for hardware and technology enthusiasts, especially when they concern new top of the range like iPhone 11 Pro Max against Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The best of the Apple and iPhone world compared to the top of Samsung's Android offer. For years, Apple terminals have shown absolute superiority in terms of computing performance, thanks to the Apple Ax processors but also thanks to the superior optimization of hardware and software, which allows to obtain top performance even with lower hardware specifications on paper. For one or two years now, for the top of the range Samsung have managed to make up for a bit of the gap thanks to significantly higher hardware specifications, especially in terms of the amount of RAM memory mounted on board.Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 ultra: all the details

The clash between the Titans iPhone 11 Pro Max against Galaxy S20 Ultra confirms the trend observed in recent generations, highlighting their respective strengths. The top of the Cupertino range works with an Apple A13 processor built with a 7 nanometer process, with 4 cores that operate at 1.8GHz and 2 cores at 2.65GHz alongside 4GB of DDR4X RAM memory. On Amazon iPhone 11 Pro Max discounted by 100 eurosInstead, the brand new Galaxy S20 Ultra counts on the top Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, also made at 7 nanometers, equipped with 4 cores at 1.8GHz, 3 cores at 2.4GHz and a core at 2.8GHz. From the point of view of pure hardware to the advantage of Samsung there are two additional computing cores and above all an impressive amount of RAM memory, 12GB of DDR5, three times the iPhone and with more recent and faster technology.

iPhone 11 Pro Max against Galaxy S20 Ultra the speed test between titans

The first surprises of the iPhone 11 Pro Max comparison against Galaxy S20 Ultra once again come from the processor designed by Apple because in the first test run, where the same apps are started on both terminals, iPhone has the best even if only for a handful of seconds: in this article we report the video of EverythingApplePro. iPhone 11 Pro Max completes the lap in 3 minutes and 6 seconds, while Galaxy S20 Ultra takes 13 seconds more.

Ultimately with two less computing cores and only one third of the RAM (and slower) Apple manages to work miracles, still proving the top in the management of videos in the export of a 4K movie. On the other hand, it should be noted that Qualcomm managed to significantly reduce the once enormous gap on this front.

As expected, the second round of tests, which consists in the reopening of all the apps launched in the first test, domain of Galaxy S20 Ultra. Here the time gap widens in favor of Samsung which completes the test in only 1 minute, while iPhone arrives far second at twice the time, two minutes. In the past, Apple also dominated here despite a quantity of RAM equal to half or less: the gap has shortened in recent years and now the overtaking is significant.

All this always bearing in mind that iPhone 11 Pro Max arrived in October last year, while Galaxy S20 Ultra the latest generation Android smartphone. The challenge is repeated in September – October with the arrival of the iPhone 12.

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