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iPass also for Jaguar

With iPassConnect 2.3 for Mac OS X (VPN software – Virtual Private Networking that integrates a personal firewall) it is now possible to connect wirelessly, broadband, ISDN or dial-up to the web also with Mac OS X 10.2 and later.

iPass has agreements in 150 countries around the world and was previously available for Mac OS 8.6 and later, the Redwood Shores company in California recently decided that traffic should be paid for consumption rather than per day.

Inveterate travelers who do not want to stay offline in Skipton in Australia, Gaborone in Botswana as in Kishinev in Moldova or San Carlos in Venezuela will be happy with this news.

The upgrade to this version takes place automatically at the next connection of who has the client for Mac OS Classic, if the user decides for the upgrade, only the components that change are downloaded in a few minutes and from that moment on iPass will be working in Mac OS X 10.2 and later.

There is also a $ 250 demo version running for an entire month, this is the address to register.

In the margin we also point out the availability of the client for PocketPC 2002 version 2.0.