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iPad, find out what it is for on Juice

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iPad, find out what it is for on Juice –

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What is iPad for? Those who did not rush to buy the Apple device on the first day of its launch probably did not do so because of the doubts that still arise around its use. How to use it and what to use it for one of the biggest question marks that weigh on the tablet. Understanding its functioning and peculiarities is the first step also to understand if it can be used for our personal digital life; for this purpose Macitynet has written a guide for Juice Summer 2010, the PDF entirely dedicated to the Apple world created for APstore by our editorial staff, which you can download from our servers.

The article, which also a review that has measured important aspects of the iPad, from its functionality to the design, from the battery life to the performance, in its second part focuses on the peculiarities of the tablet in relation to various hypothetical uses, leaving the readers the task of reflecting on one's way of enjoying digital content in relation to the functions of the device.

In addition to iPad in Juice Estate 2010 you will find many other information and exclusives; from a long series of Apps divided into categories and described in their operation to two exclusive PDFs: a presentation of iOS 4 and a review of iPhone 4 that Macitynet has tried in recent days.

To download Juice Estate 2010 (and maybe even take a look at previous editions that still contain several reviews, insights and current topics) click here.

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