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iPad arrives in Italy: the launch at the Mondadori Store in Milan

iPad arrives in Italy: the launch at the Mondadori Store in Milan – Macitynet.it

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Milan is still waking up at 8.30 on the morning of the launch of iPad in Italy: in the entrance to the Mondadori Store in Piazza del Duomo there are no files outside, but inside some fans are already patiently waiting for the section to open of the Store dedicated to IT products and in particular the Apple section. Some students clearly excited but also several employees who repeatedly check the opening hours and then the clock to verify that they have the time necessary for a test on the fly, perhaps the purchase and then run to the office.

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The piped music warns that iPad sales begin at 9 am: just enough time to take some pictures of the iPad exposure of the Mondadori Store before fans and users can finally get their hands on the tablet. Two models on display, both Wi-Fi: Emanuele Trussoni, head of the Apple area of ​​the Store, explains that the pieces available are few: Apple had to distribute the stocks among approximately 180 stores throughout Italy. Very few iPad 3Gs with a maximum capacity of 64GB. At 9 the first customers hasten to admire and finally touch iPad, the most determined skip the exhibition area to go immediately to the cashier and collect the iPad already booked in the past few days.

Andrea Mottola was the first to win iPad here in Piazza del Duomo: "I bought the 32GB model without a data connection – the first buyer declared to Macity's correspondent, also specifying its use -" I will use iPad mainly to surf the Web and for leisure. I chose the Wi-Fi model to avoid having to manage another data subscription. " In the meantime, fans have besieged both the two iPad Wi-Fi on display and available for testing, and the cashier submerged by users who have booked it and are looking forward to being able to withdraw it.

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Gianluca Nieri was among the very first to buy iPads: "I chose the 64GB model with 3G connection to be able to browse and stay updated everywhere" explained Gianluca, specifying that he also had some plans for his job. Macitynet's envoy also met Lorenzo Martone, an old acquaintance of the IT world, among the line of people waiting to collect their iPad. “IPad is the middle way I've been waiting for: at home I have a Mac and also an iPhone. Often when I'm in bed I don't want to turn on the computer, while iPhone and touch in the long run offer a screen that is a bit too small "explained Lorenzo who for years has dealt with media relations for products related to the PC world but that has always cultivated a passion for the apple. "I will use iPad mainly to navigate and update myself and then also for the thousands of other things you can do with iPad" concluded Lorenzo with the bag in his hand with iPad inside and now ready to go to the office.

While Macitynet took pictures and interviewed the very first iPad buyers, the meager stocks of the flagship 3G 64GB model practically ended in a matter of minutes. "The more substantial supplies will arrive soon, in the first days of June," explains Emanuele Trussoni to Macitynet and to customers who request the already sold out model. Virtually all iPad buyers have also purchased a cover or external protection so as not to scratch and keep the precious tablet safe. From Milan no ocean crowd for iPad to the central Mondadori Store in Milan but without a doubt a constant flow of enthusiasts eager to have iPad in their hands. The excitement and curiosity are evident from the hasty step from the entrance to the Store to the two floors that separate to be able to touch iPad in person, and finally from the smile and satisfaction printed on the face once you get your hands on the iPad. The revolution also started in Italy.

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