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iPad, Apple wants to produce 2.5 million a month

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iPad, Apple wants to produce 2.5 million a month –

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2.5 million iPads. This would be the numbers of the production that Apple would be trying to reach to meet market demand. The estimate comes from Vijay Rakesh, a Sterne, Agee & Leach analyst who published his optimistic report today.

The source of Rakesh are the producers of Flash memories, one of the essential components of the iPad that have the prospect of doubling the supply to Apple between June and September, the months in which Cupertino should, in fact, reach 2.5 million iPads. Currently according to Sterne's analyst, Agee & Leach, the output of the Apple factories between 1 and 1.5 million per month, a quantity reduced compared to the demand but which is growing: "The bottlenecks – writes Rakesh – have been outdated, even if the quantity of Flash memories is always low ".

Apple's goal is to get ready to serve the market which in July will add the availability of iPads in other countries. Another of the goals that Apple would like to achieve is to serve educational customers; being ready in September with a large quantity of iPad would mean being able to meet the demand of students, especially universities.

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