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iPad and Velcro: a versatile and (almost) indissoluble union

iPad and Velcro: a versatile and (almost) indissoluble union – Macitynet.it

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If you believe in the holding capacity of a large Velcro strap and you have no qualms about sticking it on the back of your iPad (or maybe a case that covers it) then the video by Jesse Rosten will show you all the possible uses (but not strictly recommended ) of the combination from the most practical to the most insane and dangerous to the health of the Apple tablet and the coronary arteries of the most apprehensive.

Enjoy the HD video below accompanied by a suggestive Argentine tango.

To see it on iPad click on this link >> iPad + Velcro

We recommend in any case not to follow all the examples of the video: there are not secondary factors such as the explosion of the airbags in the car, the frying at high temperature, acceleration of gravity and centrifugal force that may not recommend some applications.

Thanks to Mario Bucolo for the report

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