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iPad and digital magazine, Irpe ready to support publishers

With the iPad, Apple once again managed to surprise the market with a new technological idea destined to change the tablet market, but above all the business models of many companies, the publishing ones first. The iPad-mania is rampant and not a day goes by without new tests, new reviews, new discussions related to the Apple device being found on the net. The greatest interest is not in technology but in solutions and applications: utilities, new store models (iBooks, Marvel, Disney), games and musical applications, business applications, etc. This ferment and curiosity are symptomatic of a success predicted for a technological product that released in Italy only a few days ago, has gained a prominent place not only in the pages of newspapers but also in the hearts and minds of customers.

Among the numerous applications available at the time of release, those that are playing a role of sure interest and importance are new and innovative publishing platforms which, by Steve Jobs himself, have opened up the imagination of the operators in the sector and their creative offices. Irpe (www.melabstore.it, sponsor), a computer company in the province of Varese, a partner of Apple Italy for 30 years and an important reference for solutions and platforms for the Italian publishing world.

Irpe's interest in the iPad – explains the marketing director of Irpe Carlo Mazzucchelli – connected to the desire to make available to its customers new editorial solutions capable of making the most of the technologies and functionality of the new device. We are partners of Woodwing, the leading Dutch company in the publishing market that brought Time magazine to the iPad, thanks to which we have implemented new editorial solutions capable of making magazines and newspapers available on the iPad.

The Digital Magazine solution – ancoa Mazzucchelli told us – includes the tools for creating a digital magazine, capable of transforming the publication into a "Digital Magazine Reader App" that offers the best user experience when reading the magazine . What makes this solution special is that it allows publishers to produce well-structured and interesting content for the iPad in almost the same way that content is created for printing. The success of the iPad will depend heavily on the prosumer user (active consumer) and his need for a 'user experience' appropriate to his needs. The new digital publication on the iPad offers the user a new experience of the senses (touch), greater ease of sharing, more information, new marketing selling opportunities and advertising collection. With the iPad, a new communication channel is born, destined to change the publishing but also technological market. It is still difficult to think of a newspaper as a simple flow of news, of projects; better to identify it as a content aggregator capable of developing active reactions with the public, through multi-sensorial experiences.

Irpe's solution transforms the Magazine into an application: usable, customizable, always available, wherever available. The consumerization modalities of the media converge on the "mobile" platforms, to which consumers respond quickly. The web "connects": new sources, new connections, new accesses, new information, new collaborations: we are only at the beginning to be able to understand how big the new iPad and the models associated with it are

The iPad and the solutions related to it – Mazzucchelli points out – are revealed as renewed technological elements that integrate the corporate communication processes, understood as a set of "strategy and content". No more consolidated and defined communication processes. The business communication model is questioned, for the company it becomes necessary to communicate in an integrated and multi-channel way through all possible ways. The network pushes to redefine corporate identity and business models. Thanks to the network, communication becomes multi-channel, enabled by the use of simple environments, quick to integrate and implement within the company's workflows. The completeness of the solutions allows to complete complex processes with few operations, and to make the organization evolve towards a collaborative, participatory model, more immediate and linked to the needs of the people involved in the process. The iPad is an innovative enabler of changes not only on a technological level but also on a social, economic and individual level. An enabler who at this stage will allow publishers and businesses to develop new and attractive content useful for connecting and reconnecting users to the content and information they have used up to now through paper.