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iPad: 10 free apps to be installed immediately

After the umpteenth expense to bring home the latest Apple gadget, it's nice to know that, without paying a euro more, we can begin to take advantage of iPad thanks to a wide range of free apps. The choice for difficult if for no other reason than time; Macitynet comes to meet you and after examining the online store has compiled a list of the 10 apps to start with and not only because they are at no cost but for the quality and variety of functions offered.

IMDb Film & TV – Cinema at your fingertipsWhatever the question or curiosity to be satisfied about an actor, a film title or the screenwriter of a famous TV series, the IMDb app for iPad offers an answer in an instant. In the largest database dedicated to the world of entertainment we find everything: the most beautiful films and those that have grossed the most, the list of the ugliest films in history, the TV series, up to the birthdays of the stars. From the app you can access movie trailers, reviews and much more. The contents are in English, but the interface in Italian. Download from this App Store page.

IMDb iPad

Shazam – Recognizes music by listening to itAlso on iPad is the historical program that recognizes the author, title and song on the fly simply by “listening” to the song for a few seconds thanks to the iPad microphone. The version for the tablet allows you to locate an infinite number of tracks, also from a single iPad screen the user can manage their own tags, save them, delete them and finally even share them. Shazam shows the tags most requested by other users and allows us to report our favorite songs to our friends via Facebook and Twitter. Shazam for iPad available from this link.

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Jumbo calculator – The desk calculator reinventedStrangely, iPad does not include the calculator as standard: although practically assumed that the function will be introduced by Apple with a future update, in the meantime we can continue to count on the tablet as we have always done on the iPhone and touch thanks to Jumbo Calculator. The application offers generously sized virtual keys and, in addition to the basic operations, allows you to perform the square and the square root. Jumbo Calculator can be downloaded from this App Store page.

Jumbo Calculator

Wikipanion – Wikipedia touchAll the knowledge contained in Wikipedia is easily accessible thanks to the iPad screen. The free Wikipanion app offers an interface that makes browsing, searching and even retrieving information from Wikipedia even more immediate and practical. Note that the application accesses the localized Wikipedia, therefore in our case the Italian one. Even the interface in Italian. Free Wikipanion on the App Store.


Google Mobile App – Big G marries Apple technologiesAll the search functions and also all the web services offered by Google are integrated into the Google Mobile App for iPad. Just type a couple of characters and the app searches for our contacts for us, proposing alternatives depending on the context: websites, businesses and clubs and much more. A practically mandatory installation even for those who use only one of the Google services such as Gmail, Photos, Talk, Reader and so on. Downloadable from this App Store page.

Google Apps iPad

Pocket Pond HD – Nature in technological sauceFor the most stressful and intense days iPad can offer a true oasis of peace, free, thanks to the Pocket Pond HD app. A pond faithfully recreated with the ripples of the water, the sounds of nature and the fish that wallow peacefully. Nothing counts as touching the virtual water with a finger to see it and hear it react to our tap, better than just a break in a real pond; try to swipe and see what happens; free a dragonfly but be careful not to crush it and if you do, the fish will thank you … An app that enchants children and relaxes adults. Pocket Pond HD available in this link

Pocket Pond HD

PhotoPad – The free photo retouching on iPad It seems incredible but with the purchase of iPad we can also count on an app for editing photos and images. PhotoPad will always be free: it offers the user the basic functions to rotate, resize, cut and retouch images. It is also possible to intervene on colors, contrast, saturation and much more. Photoshop small and completely free. Downloadable from this link.


Atomic Web Lite – Beyond SafariThis free and alternative web browser offers a full set of features that Apple's great iPad integrated Safari doesn't offer. Among the many we remember the tabbed browsing, the full screen view, the ability to block the download of images to reduce data traffic and speed up browsing, the management of favorites with adjustable size text, proven browsing and much, much even more. Navigate on iPad as on your Mac or PC. Can be installed from here.

Atomic Web lite iPad

The Guardian Eyewitness – An open gaze on the world Thanks to this app we can reflect on the world and human affairs through the highest quality images made by photography professionals. Perfect for observing life and the facts simply by browsing the photos on iPad, just another tap when the user wishes to read the information related to the image and also a series of advice from professionals to improve our photographs. Downloadable from this link.

The Guardian Eyewitness

Free Translator for iPad – An interpreter always at handWe complete the Macitynet review with the free apps that should not be missing on iPad with Free Translator for iPad. This app interfaces with the Google Translate APIs to translate on the fly into all the main languages. Very useful to have on hand in personal interpreter in every occasion. The size of the iPad screen makes use very pleasant and intuitive. For those who have to deal often with those who do not speak our language. To install start from this link.

Free iPad Translator