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IOS app of the day: Klok free on the App Store for a short time

IOS app of the day: AniMate Maker free on the App Store for a short time


IOS app of the day: Klok free on the App Store for iOS

Here we are, as always, at a new appointment with our address book for apps on sale. In fact, these are apps or games that are offered for free for iOS, iPhone and iPad. For a few hours, therefore, you can download free apps or games otherwise paid. Today we offer you a free offerKlok, which has the following characteristics:

Let me introduce you to klok, the elegant way to naturally read the time. klok is a refined alternative to traditional analog or digital apps on the App Store and provides an excellent accessory for any surface – with fully customizable color combinations to allow you to best match it to your surroundings or your mood. Touch the screen to see a magical flicker of lights, or try dragging your finger across the screen for an even more relaxing experience.

entirely textual klok, which means that it will be perfectly functional and extremely pleasant on any iOS device (and even better on retina display!), and works in 6 different languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

FEATURES Supports all iOS devices, including iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, original iPhone, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus models Superb back-up support Works in any position and orientation Customizable color range Supports six languages ​​- Dutch, English, French, German , Italian and Spanish

HOW TO DO To exit or access the menu, double tap the screen. To save the selected colors (and return to the menu), double tap the screen. You can also drag your finger on the screen to leave a bright trail of letters.

COMMENTS If you have any doubts or suggestions, send them to We are always looking for new ideas through which to offer you a better experience, and the best way to do it with your help!

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