Apple, with iOS 8 comes the keyboard for gifs

iOS 8, the best alternative keyboards

The App Store is populating with writing methods ready to supplant the Apple keyboard. Here are some of the most efficient

(Photo: PopKey)(Photo: PopKey)

One of the most talked about features of the new iOS 8 is the possibility of install virtual keyboards third-party: those who want this can say goodbye to the not too smart Apple automatic corrector and switch to a whole new keyboard, or to one of those substitutes that on Android have become reference points for many users. Here are some of the most interesting examples.

Swype the keyboard that has contributed most to make the concept of drag writing.

SwitftKey gives you the possibility to send messages by dragging your finger on the keyboard, but focus on everything predictive capabilities.

PopKey wins the prize for the most bizarre app: you can slap on the fly animated gifs within the messages.

Fleksy has boasted the fastest keyboard title in the world, thanks to a system of automatic correction very powerful and a resizable layout that fits all hands.

TouchPal, like SwiftKey, combines scrolling typing with predictive writing, but with the advantage of not costing you not a penny.


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