iOS 8, here are the ready-made apps

iOS 8, here are the ready-made apps

The new version of OS Apple brings with it some new features. Here are the applications ready to take advantage of them

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

As usual when a new version of iOS arrives, a transition period begins. The old developers will have to update their software to make it compatible and in step with the renewed operating system, while many new subjects will try to make inroads into the Cupertino Store with apps that take advantage of the new functions of the operating system. One of the most talked about functions is that of sharing between apps. Android has already had it for some time, and now that Apple has finally managed to bridge this gap, the developers have responded to the stimulus by equipping their software with the ability to communicate with that of others, sending and accepting images, links and other material. the case of Facebook, but also of other social networks like Pinterest and Tumblr, or news apps like Pocket and Instapaper, but in the future a huge slice of other products.

Another important new feature of iOS 8 is the invasion of applications on the Today: gods screen widgets generated by the app they can appear in the notification center and allow you to interact without having to open them. This will surely be the area through which we will see more buzz in the App Store: the most famous apps already equipped with this integration are definitely Dropbox and Evernote, but there are also news software, for the weather, task manager and whoever has it, the more you put it.

The opening of Apple to the developers of touch keyboards give life to iOs to a new sector, already thriving on the Android marketplace, and just waiting to take root among the apple fans. Here the most talked about apps are SwiftKey and Swype, but the alternatives are not lacking already.

Touch ID the fingerprint recognition feature introduced on the iPhone 5s was finally made available to developers, whose apps will now be able to request index presses to unlock certain content. Like the Amazon App and Evernote accounts, but above all password manager as 1Password.

No trace unfortunately of the universe that gravitates around HealthKit. One of the most interesting novelties of iOs 8 was in fact temporarily put in the freezer due to a bug, and the apps that were supported by it were withdrawn from the Store. The Mela engineers are working to make things right and expect to be able to make the platform available again later this month.


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