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iOS 4, multitasking and Retina Display, the apps recommended by Apple

iOS 4 in circulation for a few days and several developers have already created applications that can take advantage of its peculiar characteristics. But among almost 230 thousand programs which are those that allow us to verify what the operating system is capable of with its new multitasking which, for those lucky enough to have it already in hand, the iPhone 4? Apple gives us a hand with a new section with 36 recently released or updated applications with iOS 4 in mind and that in some cases are interesting for both iPhone 3GS and the new iPhone 4, in others they focus on the hardware features of the Apple's latest creation.

Among others we point out:

– RunKeeper Pro: probably the best jogging and running companion that integrates route maps, offers historical data of our workouts and "social" functions, such as sharing our progress and website to see where we have been and our circuits. Now with iOS it also works constantly in the background. On sale for ‚ā¨ 7.99

– DropBox: a file sharing system and for universal "on the cloud" access to documents. Automatically save images taken with the phone on our remote space. With iOS 4 it works in multitasking. Distributed for free

– Plants against Zombies: one of the most fun and original games of the App Store during which we will have garden plants and vegetables ready to defeat hordes of zombies that try to enter our house, now compatible with multitasking. We don't have to leave a game and relaunch the game if a call comes in. On sale for 2.39 euros

– Sudoku 2 Pro: considered one of the best Sudoku games on the App Store with advanced score, rankings on the Internet and much more, now takes advantage of the rotation lock system via software of iOS 4, a convenient feature to prevent you from switching to the vertical view that it is less readable. On sale for 2.39 euros

– Truphone: Internet telephone system compatible with Skype and GoogleTalk and various Instant Messaging systems. It also works without Wifi connection. Now with mltitaskting able to wait for an incoming call or a chat even without using push. Distributed for free

– Twitter: the official social networking app now sends Tweets in the background (including photos and videos) and uses the retina display for better resolution. Distributed for free.

– Sketchbook Mobile: the professional application for mobile drawings and sketches created by Autodesk, now able to work in the background and on iPhone 4 also supports the retina display. In addition, the new phone has 30 levels of cancellation and up to 12 layers. On sale for 2.39 euros

– Brushes: awarded by Apple with the Design Awards probably the most popular application for painting on the iPhone with a wide assortment of brushes, level support, copy and paste by level, import photos as levels, zoom up to 1600%, possibility to export and see drawings on Mac. Now fully supports iOS 4 and iPhone 4. On sale for 3.99 euros.

– Articles: the most advanced and sophisticated system for consulting Wikipedia articles with functions such as: location of things and events reported by Wikipedia near the place where we are, search for articles using Maps, history of publication of articles, search for articles by content on the title or in the text. Now with iOS 4 it allows multitasking and quick application change and supports Retina Display. On sale for 2.39 euros.

– GodFinger (free), Real Racing (3.99 euros), Flight Control (79 cents), Rubik's Cube (2.39 euros), Antimatter (0.79 euros) have all been updated for iOS 4 and to support the high resolution of the Retina Display.