iOS 14 Beta download and installation without developer account

iOS 14 Official: News, Release, Compatible iPhone

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iOS 14, all you need to know. Here are all the news of iOS 14. When does iOS 14 come out? Which iPhones compatible with iOS 14? Here's what you need to know

iOS 14 Beta download and installation without developer account

iOS 14 new


Here we are: iOS 14, the Apple's new operating system for iPhone and iPod, finally official.

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Without wasting time chatting, let's see what changes with iOS 14, what are the new features introduced, when iOS 14 comes out and what are the compatible devices.

What changes with iOS 14?

iOS 14 new

In short, among the main novelties of iOS 14 I report change for the Home Screen with a new design widget and the App Library, a new way to access the App Store with App Clips, news for Messages and more.

Here is a video that concretely shows what changes with iOS 14:

But let's see the news in detail.


Finally the widgets arrive on iOS and are available in various sizes. They are accessible through the "Today" view, but can also be dragged to the main screen. Apps move away automatically to make room for widgets.

The new widgets show essential information at a glance and can be fixed, in different sizes, on any page of the Home Screen. Users can create oneSmart Stack of widgets, which uses the intelligence integrated in the device to make the right widget appear based on time, place and activity. The Home Screen pages can showcustom widgetsfor work, travel, sport, leisure and other interests.

At the end of the pages you will find thereApp Library, a new space that automatically organizes all apps in one easy and intuitive view and that brings up what you think is most useful to you at that time. Finally it is not necessary to keep all the icons in the home screen view. You can choose how many pages of the Home Screen to display, but also hide them for faster access to the App Library.

New interface for calls

Traditional and FaceTime calls and interactions with Siri have a new compact design which allows the user not to lose sight of what he was doing before receiving a call.


With the support Picture-in-PictureiPhone users can now watch a video or answer a FaceTime call while continuing to use another app.

Concretely, YouTube videos or maybe Netflix videosthey can be reduced in a sort of floating window, with the possibility of deciding their size and positioning on the interface. In short, yet another step towards a more multitasking concept.

Clips app

Great news: now possible try the apps without downloading them.

App Clips will also be useful when you are in an application that will ask us to open a second app not installed on the iPhone: in that case a pop up of App Clips will appear which make the application available without having to install anything.

Updates for conversations in Messages

With the Messages app it is now easier to stay in touch and quickly access important messages. Users can set conversations at the top in the message list, keep up with group threads thanks to built-in mentions and responses, is customize conversations setting a group photo with an image or unemoji.

Apple reports that the new Memoji options in Messages they are more inclusive and diverse, with a new set of hairstyles, hats, face protectors and more.

Green shifts and new guides in Maps

With Map easier to navigate and explore thanks to new directions for icyclists, itineraries forelectric vehicles isCurated city guides.

Directions for cyclists they take into account altitude, traffic and the presence of stairways along the way.

The itineraries for electric vehicles include charging stations along the way based on vehicle charging level and charging types.

City guides they offer a curated list of interesting places to visit, created from a selection of reliable resources. The Guides allow you to discover new restaurants or attractions and are useful for testing the recommendations of the most famous brands, including AllTrails, Complex, The Infatuation, TimeOut and The Washington Post.

Optimized privacy features

All apps will now need to get user authorization before starting tracking.

In addition, in the coming months the product pages on the App Store will include a summary of the privacy policies declared by the developers, in a simple and intuitive format (like a nutritional table).

Users will also be able to update their account at Sign in with Apple, choose to share with developers only their approximate rather than exact location, and take advantage of greater transparency about the use of the microphone and camera by the apps.


Apple takes care of its voice assistant: it changes the user interface, with a colored sphere that appears at the bottom when Hey, Siri is pronounced.

Additionally Apple has worked for further improve Siri's understanding of language and general functionality.

Siriamplia own knowledge, helps to find answers from the internet and can now send audio messages. The dictation function on the keyboard works on-device to dictate messages, notes, emails and much more.


The car keys that include CarPlay they become totally digital through iPhones. It will therefore be possible to open the car and start it directly from the smartphone (as soon as it is placed on the vehicle's wireless charging system), in complete safety, without the danger of being able to lose the physical keys as often happens.

Other iOS 14 features

The news of this update are many. Among others, I would like to point out:

  • Translate indicated as the best and easiest to use app to translate conversations, thanks to the fast and natural translation of voice and text into 11 languages several (Italian included). The on-device mode allows users to try the offline app functions for private translations
  • LappCasas simplifies the control of smart homes with new automation tips and extended controls in the Control Center for faster access to accessories and scenes. For example Adaptive Lighting for HomeKit compatible lighting systems regulates the color temperature throughout the day; with on-device facial recognition, compatible video door phones and video cameras recognize friends and family
  • TheAirPodsthey can nowalternateaudio between different Apple devicesthanks to the automatic switch function. Spatial audio with dynamic head-tracking offers an immersive experience when wearing AirPods Pro. By applying directional audio filters and slightly adjusting the frequencies received by each ear, sounds can be placed at almost any point of a space for an immersive listening experience
  • The function "Find mine" supporter devices and accessories from other manufacturers
  • SafarioffersPrivacy Reportwhich allows users to easily see which cross-site tracking solutions have been blocked; secure password monitoring helps locatesaved passwords potentially involved in a data breach,whilethe integrated translation function available for entire web pages
  • Lapp Health has new experiences to manage sleep, a better understanding of the audio levels that could have a negative impact on the illusion and a new oneHealth Checklist, a centralized place to manage health and safety functions, including emergency SOS, medical record, ECG, fall detection and others. Lapp Health now supports new types of data for mobility, health data, symptoms and ECG
  • Lapp and the weather widgetkeep users updated on violent weather events, while a new rainfall graph in the next hour shows rainfall minute by minute when expected rain
  • Accessibility features includeHeadphone Accommodations, which amplifies or attenuates certain frequencies to allow clearer and clearer audio in music, movies, phone calls and podcasts, and the detection of sign language in group FaceTime calls, which highlights the person who communicates in video callsvia LIS
  • VoiceOver, the industry-leading screen reader for the non-selling community, nowautomatically recognizes what is displayed on the screen, to make apps and web experiences even more accessible to more people
  • iOS 14 allows you to change resolution and frame rate from the camera
  • Now you can choose your favoritesto perform certain operations. On iPhone with iOS 14 the operating system will no longer always open system applications but will allow you to set your preferences for the default apps
  • iOS 14 improves the keyboard: possibility of search emoji. The iOS 14 keyboard finally allows you to search for emojis without having to go out

iOS 14 release

Well, with the news we have concluded. But when does iOS 14 come out?We don't know exactly.

iOS 14 at the moment it can be installed only and exclusively by Apple developers or by those who are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program (this starting today, even now).

If you are not a developer but still want install iOS 14 Beta right away without an account, read our guide: iOS 14 Beta download and installation without developer account.

If instead you want to wait for the IOS 14 Public Beta, you must know that will be available in July for iOS users directly on the Apple website at THIS PAGE.

For the official release date of iOS 14instead, we will have to wait much longer: apparently it will be necessarywait for the autumn months. Usually the new operating system is released with the presentation and marketing of the new iPhones of the year, so we expect "definitive" iOS 14 to be made available for download around the month of October 2020.

iOS 14: which iPhones are supported?

Good news: all iPhones that are currently updated to iOS 13 will be able to update to the new operating system.Specifically, here are the iPhones supported by iOS 14:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE (first and second generation)
  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • iPod Touch (seventh generation)

iOS 14 beta 2: all the news

On July 7, 2020 Apple released Beta 2 of the new OS. Here's what changes:

Calendar: now the icon shows the abbreviated first three voters on the day of the week, instead of the full name

Clock: the hour and minute hands are thicker

Clipboard notifications now specify which iCloud device the clipboard is pasted from

File Widget: A new widget for the File app is available and can be added to the Today view or main screen

-Widget Weather: now no longer shows the weather conditions of Cupertino instead of the current location

Congestion Zones: Cities with congested areas that charge tolls are now reported, such as London and Paris. There are also notices for areas where license restrictions apply in countries that use these types of restrictions

The Reminder widget now shows activity rather than just counting

New icons in the Phone section of the Settings app

Reminder: emojis have been redesigned when used to mark to-do lists

Commands: An option to open .shortcuts files in the Commands app is no longer available

App library: apps downloaded to the app library and not to the main screen can now be deleted directly from the app library. Remove for other apps now delete

Control Center: HomeKit favorites added to the Control Center now have larger icons

Music: a setting allows you to disable the animated cover. In addition, the switch for Apple Music Show has been removed

Family sharing: new icon for sharing family in the Settings app

Apple Pay now available in the Mac Catalyst apps

The play / pause and forward / back buttons in Music now offer haptic feedback when pressed

The Add Widget button now matches the background color

now you can uninstall apps directly from App Library with a long press. On this screen, Remove app becomes Delete app

New emojis for lists in Reminders

New information about the current forecast address in the Weather app

The widgets are perfectly aligned horizontally

Modified the lightning on the battery that indicates the charging status, together with a new type of vibration

Much more complete color palette, with the possibility of setting the color by hexadecimal and other parameters

Fixed bug in the Weather widget that previously showed the city of Cupertino as the current location

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network that doesn't use a private Wi-Fi address, you are shown a warning message in the Settings app

Control Center now shows which apps have recently accessed the microphone or camera

Clipboard notifications now specify which other iCloud device you are pasting text from

New icons for the Phone section in Settings

The Photos widget now available in the new 44 size

The mentions in the Messages app now appear in blue

Small graphical changes in the various sections of the Settings app

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