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iOS 13, when it comes out and all the news announced by Apple

apple ios13

apple ios13

iOS 13, when will it be available?

Apple has made the version available developer preview of iOS 13 for all developers, the final version will be released between September and October, just in time for the new iPhone models. About models, IOS 13 will be installable from version 6s onwards.

iOS 13: the news for iPhone

The new iOS 13 pays much attention to the privacy and at performance of battery and telephone. We start from the fastest unlocking thanks to Face ID to the new way of grouping apps on the AppStore to guarantee 50% lighter and faster downloads, twice the faster opening speed.

Dark mode

iOS 13 introduces many new features for the smartphone, already known to users of Apple products. One of these is the Dark Mode, the possibility of using a dark color palette for your device. The novelty in the possibility of managing the mode independently or in a programmed way (with time slots, for example) or even leaving the device free to do so. This graphic setting allows the iPhone with Oled screen to save battery and everyone to rest their eyes while using the device in the evening hours.


Apps are also updated with iOS 13:

  • Photo it becomes much smarter with a totally renewed organization of images and videos and with many photo editing options dedicated above all to videos.
  • Reminders is Note they update their design in a more functional way by creating and managing lists more intelligently and integrating with the Messages app.
  • Memoji more custom and sticker sets that fit into the iOS keyboard.
  • Map it is updated with the data acquired by Apple Car and by introducing lookaround, developed along the lines of Google Street View.
  • mode QuickPath to write better and FindMy that unites Find my friends is Find my phone.


A theme very much heard this year by Apple privacy that with iOS 13 translates into more controls on the location options and the permissions provided to the apps and the use of Apple ID to access sites and apps in total security. To log in, instead, you will use FaceID and TouchID.

Mac OS Catalina

Apple's new operating system says goodbye to the historian iTunes and greets Find My that updates all the applications and gives the possibility to those who have an iPad to use the latter as a second screen. The function is called Sidecar, a whole program. A software and hardware ecosystem increasingly geared towards a niche market, in particular the new professions related to digital, music and video.

If Mac has always had a very comfortable one dashboards which contains the widgets most used by users, forget it. With Catalina she will be eliminated after 14 years of honorable career.

MacOS 10.16 Catalina also monitors the usage time of our applications as iPhone has been doing for some time. Screen Time, in fact, it also arrives on Apple machines with advanced customizations: from the limits of use to the feature one more minute to allow the user to finish the task he is carrying out.

In addition to death of Itunes, theelimination of 32-bit apps preferring those that support 64 bits.

Catalina should also be safer as an operating system, because Apple requires that all new applications be signed with Developer ID. Apps are checked to check for bugs, problems and other complications that may occur before publication.

In addition to these new features, Catalina also updates the most classic Mac apps: Photo will be smarter (like for iPhone), Safari improve the initial suggestion of the most popular sites and apps, Mail applies more powerful spam filters and interception of annoying conversations for the user. It's still Note is updated with new features in view of advanced sharing options as well Reminders that makes up the trick with a completely new functional design.

MacOS Catalina will be available only for the 2015 and later MacBooks; iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 2012 onwards; iMac Pro 2017 and Mac Pro 2013 and later.

iPadOS, the iPad operating system

Less iPhone, more Mac. The San Jose house tries to give a shine to its tablet by introducing a totally dedicated operating system. iPadOS.

The new Apple operating system dedicated to iPad includes many unexpected functions. The first to be revolutionized the home: personalized widgets arrive, the possibility of applying multitasking to the activities that are taking place (you can simultaneously open two windows of the same app with Split View or you can switch from one app to another without having to close any with Slide Over.

The new operating system allows you to use a mouse to manage activities. Not only that, the new ones arrive quick gestures for iPad using 3 fingers.

In addition to the ability to quickly copy and paste the text and the quick selection of the same, also l File app it gets smarter. The desktop version of Safari more work-oriented remotely (you can edit text files in the cloud or work on the web app in desktop version).

iPadSO comes next fall and will be released in a free version for all iPad Pro, iPad and iPad mini 4 models and all subsequent versions.

Apple News, Apple Arcade, Apple Card and Apple TV +

Apple News, Apple Arcade, Apple Card and Apple TVPlus are coming. Let's find out one by one, like the portion of pasta when you're on a diet.

Apple News it is described by the parent company as a portal full of information and news from all over the world, customized on the basis of what the user likes and why he shows interest. Everything is taken care of in a super way by an editorial staff and with subscriptions to the most authoritative magazines and magazines in the world. This service is only available in Great Britain, the United States and Australia. Coming soon, also in Italy.

Apple is also entering the gaming world by developing Apple Arcade. The subscription gaming service for PCs, mobile phones and tablets offers a formula all you can gaming with over 100 new and original games like those of Ken Wong and Will Wright. Not only that, even the big production companies will offer games on the platform.

Apple Arcade tip everything on the originality of the contents for all the det bands and the possibility of playing without advertising, are abolished purchases in the app and maximum privacy for users is guaranteed.

In fact, let's not forget that Apple Store currently the largest gaming platform in existence with over 300,000 games, including free and paid games.

The long-awaited arrival also arrives Apple Card, the Cupertino credit card born from the collaboration with Goldman Sachs. A tool to pay offline (in stores) and online, in stores and more. The paper made of titanium with laser engraved data. Not bad, right?

The US launch planned for the summer.

Apple TV becomes Plus: the TV of the Cupertino house has its own television viewing and it's called Apple TV +. Thousands of films, TV series and documentaries to buy and original programs produced by Apple itself with a unique customization for each user. You can watch Apple TV from any device, a bit like Netflix.

An example, during the presentation of Apple, state For All Mankind.

Another novelty for Apple TV that changes interface with the arrival of TVOS and with the change of perspective with the introduction of the multi-user option for Apple TV.

Now let's see what are the news concerning the Apple Watch 2019. There is talk of a new operating system also for the clock (so to speak) of Cupertino, watchOS 6. New straps and dials, new features like the Calculator and Audiobooks are added. All apps run exclusively on Apple Watch, independent of those developed for iOS. in fact, an AppStore exclusively dedicated to iWatch with payment on native platform is planned.

Apple Watch focuses on new fitness and health features with Activity Trends, to motivate users by showing post work out and training results. The monitoring of the female cycle is introduced, saving all the information collected in the Health app (encrypted on iCloud).

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