iOs 13: 15 things to know about Apple's new operating system

iOs 13: 15 things to know about Apple's new operating system

From the new Siri to renewed photo and video features, from 3D maps to Carplay, from personalized emojis to security, here's what you'll find on your iPhone soon

Apple has finally removed the veils from the new version of its own mobile operating system iOs 13 also making a split from tablets with the new iPadOs designed specifically for a complete experience with the most recent iPads.

We have selected fifteen novelties which best summarize all there is to know about iOs 13 (also in the photogallery above).

1. The night mode

As already widely announced, with iOs 13 it opens to the night mode alias dark mode. Unlike what we have seen so far with the possibility of inverting colors only, here it is a native function that can be activated directly from the control center. The view will be more comfortable when the natural light is low and yes will optimize consumption on oled screens, where the pixels can be turned off to produce black.

Dark mode not only works in the main pages of the operating system but also in the most important applications such as calendar, music and photos.

2. The keyboard with swipe

Lately Apple always comes a few years after rivals and yet another demonstration of the possibility that has just been announced that it can use the swipe to type text voted for use one hand. Call QuickPath, works by moving and keeping your fingertip on the desired letters to compose words faster.

3. Portrait mode more customizable

The news also concern the photographic field with the possibility of being able to take advantage of effects that improve the rendering of the complexion in the portrait and allow you to change the intensity and position of the light, shooting with the front camera.

4. More changes to photos and videos

iOs 13 photo video(Photo: Apple)

Apple has also improved several other details of thecamera app, introducing filters e quick changes to insert cartoons or reduce noise in night photos. you can also go to change theorientation of videos from vertical to horizontal directly from the internal menu.

In addition, the photos will be viewable by day, month or year and live photos and videos will be played automatically as you scroll through the gallery.

5. Compatibility with usb sticks and sd memories

Saved documents can be read through the renewed internal file manager on usb stick or sd memory but also on smb network disks.

6. Find mine

Another feature that is widely anticipated is the one it aggregates Find my iPhone with Find my friends in a single app called Find mine, which can be useful for both avoid losing your smartphone both for locate your contacts. On the security side, if a thief steals the iPhone, Apple promises that it will not be possible to disable this feature.

7. Siri speaks more humanly

Siri improves his voice and Apple promises that it will be more natural and more pleasant to listen to using artificial intelligence which improves its quality. In addition, shortcuts can be created, content such as songs or movies can be shared with friends, and the voice assistant can integrate more deeply with the earbuds AirPods and Safari.

With CarPlay (see dedicated paragraph), it can make suggestions while browsing online, it can read the messages received while driving and even go to open the garage doors when approaching home.

8. The news of Messages

Memoji customization(Photo: Apple)

The app Messages improves the use of memoji as a profile photo. Memojis are emojis built on the user's face and can be even more personalized with makeup and even with the dental appliance. New stickers have also been introduced and there is support for dual sim smartphones.

9. Login with Apple Id

In the security field, you can go to use theApple Id to be accredited on applications and services such as Facebook and Google, avoiding having to enter your personal email. You can also choose to share or hide your personal email address or create a random one, which will then forward the messages to the official email. In addition, they come block applications that track the location of wifi and bluetooth.

10. More speed and optimization of downloads

In general, iOS 13 is faster and more optimized than iOS 12 for example with it unlocking by facial recognition namely Face Id, which activates 30% faster. At the same time, the weight of downloading applications from iTunes App Store and 60% of the app updates themselves. Speaking of applications, they will be launched at twice the speed.

11. CarPlay improvements

It also improves CarPlay, i.e. the usable interface when in the car environment. The home page shows more information, the music application has been completely redesigned and Siri works with Waze and Pandora, without occupying the whole screen.

12. Sharing the audio

The functionality is interesting and fun audio sharing for immediate sharing of what you are listening to with another smartphone, simply by bringing the two devices closer.

13. The news of Apple maps

iOS 13 apple maps(Photo: Apple)

They improve Apple maps on US territory (and other countries, perhaps even Italy). The three-dimensional structure of the buildings recreates an easily distinguishable panorama.

In addition, you have the ability to quickly access and create favorites collections with lists of saved locations and easily shared with friends. Finally, a sort of Street View similar to the Google service is introduced.

14. When will iOs be released 13

The availability of the stable version of iOs 13 scheduled for next autumn. From now, however, you can download in beta, with all the necessary precautions, since it is a preliminary version intended mainly for testing.

15. Which iPhones will update to iOS 13

Finally, here is the list of compatible models with all iPhones that can be updated to iOS 13:

  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone Xr
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone Se
  • iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Also compatible iPod Touch seventh generation, while the first excluded are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


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