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Introduced the PPC 750FX, laptop chip

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Introduced the PPC 750FX, laptop chip logomacitynet1200wide 1

IBM yesterday officially announced the PPC 750FX at the San Jos microprocessor conference. All the features we have already talked about in recent days are confirmed, including the maximum threshold speed that the processor is destined to reach: 1 GHz. The 750FX, which an evolution of the historical G3 that has characterized the IBM production line for years, will have a 0.13 micron circuitry, 512KB cache on die, will be based on SOI and will use Low-K Dielectric. Despite the architecture is the same as the 750CX improves the efficiency of the bus which with the doubling of the cache should allow better performance, for the same clock, than the 750Cx that is used today in the iMac.Note that the consumptions are very low: less than 4 watts at 800 MHz , which with its small size make it the ideal processor for the world of laptops. IBM has denied that the processor uses a technology similar to AltiVec; Big Blue has not even added if in the future other processors will have dedicated instructions for the graphical calculation.The production will begin in January. Sufficient volumes will be available for mass production machines a few weeks later, and Apple will likely use the new processor in the next generation of iBooks and iMacs.

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