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Internet, the invasion of iPhone domains

iPhone also dominates the Internet and we are not only talking about the tsunami of news that is breaking down on the network to describe every aspect of Apple's mobile phone, but the number of sites that in one way or another refer to the domain name to it .

According to a recent survey carried out by Name Intelligence, a company specializing in the analysis of the trends of domain names, currently 4000 are the ones that contain the word "iPhone". Many of these would have been recorded in the days immediately following the launch of the phone, as Jay Westerdal, president of Name Intelligence, explains in one of his blogs. 450 domains were registered, for example, Thursday January (two days after the iPhone launch), another 375 the following day. After a tired phase (relative since in the past months they went up to 25 a day), there was a new surge last week when 350 domains containing the iPhone name were registered again in a single day. At this rate on the Internet by the end of the year there will be at least 8000 sites that refer to Apple's mobile phone.

An interesting aspect that for the most coveted name, namely iPhone.com, has nothing to do with the phenomenon of cybersquatting. It was in fact registered in 1995 and no longer changed in the registration data since last July. Even if the anonymous owner, it could be someone who had no intention of stealing the name from Apple; in this case if Cupertino wanted to get hold of the domain he will probably have to pay because registering a domain name than a registered trademark punishable only when the bad faith is demonstrated and certainly this difficult to do if the domain name was registered 12 years before the launch of a product bearing that name.

The situation could be very different for a few thousand site owners who, however, registered the name well after the launch of the phone. What Apple will do in this case difficult to say; in the past Cupertino has proven to be very strict in this area, also going to legal channels when it has not managed to get back the domains with names related to its products. In the specific case, please also note that the iPhone name is not the exclusive property of Apple, but used for the phone as a result of an agreement with Cisco that registered it first; the terms of the agreement are confidential and therefore difficult to say to whom it would be up to or to enforce the trademark ownership.

For his part Westerdal in his blog stresses that Apple has some fault in this situation anyway. “Apple Рreads the web page Рis not doing a good job in the domain names field. Microsoft had already registered a large number of generic domains related to it when it launched the Surface Computer. Apple needs a group to take care of registering domains and beating the market and acquiring good names before there is a public announcement of a product "