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Interarchy is the new Anarchie.

Interarchy is the new Anarchie. | Macitynet.it

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The Australian Stairways Software Pty yesterday released a 4.1 Mb Interarchy 3.8 beta version which is the natural follow-up to Anarchie which by now marked 10 years of honorable activity on most of the Macs that operated on the net.

As many people know with this application it is possible to transfer documents via FTP and HTTP (the fastest transfer currently available compared with similar applications), it is also possible to search for files (integration with Sherlock) on the web and talk to remote servers.

With the "wand" technology (a new user interface) it is no longer necessary to go into menus and submenus, it is all intuitive and available to everyone. Interarchy's exclusivity is the possibility of controlling network traffic up to a single byte.

Because the name change, because they wanted to be present on the web in a coherent way but some "funny guy" had already registered the anarchie.com domain in 1998 and since the legal battle did not give them reason they had to opt for a new name .

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