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Intel, processors for laptops above 2 GHz

Intel, processors for laptops above 2 GHz – Macitynet.it

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Intel yesterday launched a new processor for the laptop market. It is a 2.4 GHz Pentium, the first to exceed the speed of 2 GHz and be intended for a laptop.

The new processors are expected to convince several manufacturers that have made the choice to introduce chip-based laptops for desktops, which have a substantial advantage in terms of performance, to switch to more expensive but also sophisticated processors designed specifically for laptops.

Intel also tries to push the laptop market with other strategies, such as a concrete lowering of prices for this type of processor.

Intel also unveiled two new lower-end chips, again for laptops. A 800 and 866 Mhz Celeron and a 900 and 933 MHz Pentium III-M. Also announced is a 2 Ghz Celeron.

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