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Intel: "never recommended to remove floppies"

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Intel: "never recommended to remove floppies" logomacitynet1200wide 1

The whole computer world laughed at the iMac when it had the courage not to mount more floppy disks more than three years ago (and to actually implement USB, true market leader now also for PCs), since then no Mac has read and writes that format now decidedly obsolete. With the usual long times with which the big names in the sector "innovate", only in recent days has it been known that perhaps Intel intended to pursue (or have it pursued by PC manufacturers who use its Pentiums) a similar path. The indiscretion is specified and, in fact, denied by Intel in some official The Register statements. "The only thing we did was to work with the operating system manufacturer (Microsoft NDR) and produce a chipset that would allow OEMs to remove any dependence on traditional connection systems. We have not recommended doing it at all nor have we set deadlines. " In short, everyone would be free to operate as they see fit.

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