Intel, Ice Lake 28 W CPUs could be an Apple exclusive

Intel's 10th generation processors (Ice Lake) with TDP of 28 W I'm a'Apple exclusive, apparently. These processors are found in Apple's latest laptops, such as the MacBook presented just a few days ago; Intel had raised hopes of finding them on Windows machines as well, but apparently it was a simple oversight.

The misunderstanding stems from the fact that a few days ago Intel had published on Ark – the public database of its processors and other products – the specifications of a Core i7-1068G7, a chip that among other things was also mentioned in the official slides during the presentation of the entire Ice Lake range (see image below). The chip, as the slide shows, is the only one whose TDP goes up to 28 W, with a base frequency of 2.3 GHz that goes to 4.1 in Turbo mode.

However, the chip has disappeared from the database in the past few hours. At the same time, Intel entered the i7-1068NG7. Only one letter changes, but it is precisely the one that historically identifies the processors made exclusively for the Apple. Another "N" processor inserted in the database is the i5-1038NG7, also with 28 W TDP. Both processors have been confirmed by GeekBench as those adopted on the most prestigious variants of the new MBP 13 (remember that Apple has four processors in total: in addition to those discussed in this article there are an i7 and an eighth generation i5).

There is no official confirmation from the company, so we can still reserve a minimum of benefit from the doubt, but it seems that the situation is now clear.