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Instapaper updates and supports iOS 4 and Retina Display

Instapaper updates and supports iOS 4 and Retina Display – Macitynet.it

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One of the most innovative and useful applications for reading with ease the articles downloaded from the internet, certainly Instapaper. The software allows you to save web pages on your device, change the type or size of the font and read them even when not connected to the network. However, not happy with the positive opinions received from users and the press, the developer Marco Arment took advantage of the launch of iOS 4 to publish a new update.

Instapaper version 2.2.4 introduces support for iPhone 4's Retina Display technology, making it even more pleasant to read text on the Apple platform; on the devices that support it, it is also possible to quickly switch from Instapaper to another application, while from now on it will also be possible to browse the pages in a similar way to iBooks and Stanza. Unfortunately, the update does not correct an annoying bug on iPhone 4 and related to password-protected documents: the pop-up in which to insert the code is not displayed correctly, making it impossible to open the document. For now, the only way to solve removing the password is by going to your Instapaper online account, but the developer has already confirmed that a new update is coming that will solve the problem.

Instapaper on sale for ‚ā¨ 3.99 in a version compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

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