Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8: complete guide

Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8: complete guide

One of the advantages of Android devices is that they can obtain root permissions and customize them to their liking. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is no exception. Even on the new device of the Korean company you can have administrator privileges so as to get the most out of your smartphone. Before proceeding, it is necessary to install a custom recovery. Currently the most complete TWRP and in this guide will show you how install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Currently you can install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 only in the version with Exynos processor (the model that is sold in Italy). Currently the models compatible with those with product code SM-N950F / FD / X / N. All American models (SM950U), Canadians (SM950W) and Chinese (SM9508 / 0/5) are currently not compatible with this procedure. If you need to install TTWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 then don't waste time. Here is the complete guide.

Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Before proceeding with the guide, here is a list of files that will be needed to install TWRP Recovery.

NOTE: necessary to use a PC with Windows installed to complete the entire operation.

You should not take risks with this procedure. In any case, it is always advisable to make a complete backup of all the sensitive data on your smartphone.


After making sure that your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 model is compatible, you can proceed with the TWRP Recovery installation.

  • Enable the voice OEM release on your smartphone. To do this, go in Settings -> Device Info and click 7 times in a row on Build number. Now go back to the settings and open the item Developer options. Scroll through the list and enable OEM release.
  • Extract the tool Odin downloaded previously and start the program Odin3 v3.12.7.
  • Start the smartphone in download mode. To do this, turn it off completely. Then hold down the keys Power + Bixby + Volume Gi until you see a warning screen appear. Press the button Volume Up to continue.
  • At this point connect the Galaxy Note 8 to the PC and wait for it to be recognized by Odin (a rectangle in the upper left must be colored blue).

TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 1

  • Click on the button AP and upload the file Galaxy_note_8_twrp3.1.10-greatlte.img.tar downloaded previously.
  • Make sure the boxes are in the left panel Re-partition is Auto Reboot NOT selected.

TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2

  • Press the button Start and wait for the operation to complete.

TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 3

  • After installation, hold down the keys Volume Gi + Bixby + Power until the screen turns off. Quickly leave the button Volume Gi and press the button Volume Up holding down the other two keys to start recovery mode. If you do not perform this exact procedure, the TWRP will be overwritten by Samsung's recovery.

This all. Now the TWRP correctly installed on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

You can easily proceed with the operation to get root permissions or install a custom ROM on your new smartphone. If you have any problems, let us know via the comments section at the end of this article.