IGTV (Foto: Instagram)

Instagram wants to force us to watch his Igtv

The latest news announced by Instagram is the arrival of Igtv content within the feed normally dedicated to photos

IGTV (Photo: Instagram)

Despite the steadily growing success of Instagram, there is a section of the photographic social network that still cannot mesh: the Instagram TV, or Igtv for friends. The social section was launched last June with a separate app that can be downloaded optionally, and designed to host content up to 10 minutes in length which, in the intentions of the parent company Facebook, should compete with the more structured offers already present on platforms such as Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook Watch itself. Also for this reason in these hours therefore Instagram has announced an update of its app which, in the company's intentions, should convince more users to tune in to the virtual channels of Igtv: a series of previews of the contents in the section that will end straight into the main feed of the appi.e. where users should only see photos and clips from their accounts and from time to time sponsored content.

Not the first time that the contents of Igtv attempt the invasion of the field trying to make themselves known by Instagram users: for some time now the videos from the channels can be shared among the Stories and find space in the explore tab. The arrival in the main feed, in short, only the last step: here the clips will be present in preview format, will have the duration of one minute and fortunately they will leave without audio; touching the platform icon will bring the window to expand to the typical vertical format of Igtv; at the end of the video you will automatically return to the news feed.


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