Instagram stories on Facebook stories

Instagram Stories launches crossed posts on Facebook Stories

Now you can share your Instagram Stories on Facebook Stories. Facebook confirms that this feature has been officially launched.

Facebook Stories could stop being a ghost town (as they have been for a long time) thanks to the option of sharing your Instagram Stories on Facebook Stories. Facebook confirms that this feature has been officially launched.

Facebook Stories, posts crossed with Instagram Stories

"Now you have the chance to share your Instagram stories with your Facebook stories. "We always work to make it easier to share any time with the people you care about," a Facebook spokesman told TechCrunch and also reported that you can't do the opposite, post Facebook Stories on Instagram Stories, but that does not exclude that this function can be implemented in the future.

Facebook Stories, functionality

Functionality should dramatically reduce the hassle of manually syncing your stories, which requires additional time and can reduce image quality as posts are saved and reloaded elsewhere. Stories should theoretically be fresh and created at the moment, but all this crossover can divert attention from what you were doing.

Facebook effectively focused on Stories, making it the top destination for Facebook Camera posts and its augmented reality effects platform. Today's launch shows that Facebook is focusing on Stories rather than retiring, although it has been slightly slow since its global launch.

Facebook Stories unofficial numbers

This Snapchat Stories clone has been criticized as redundant, considering that Facebook already has Instagram Stories, Messenger Day and WhatsApp Status. The count of active daily users of Facebook Stories has yet to be formalized, mind Instagram said it had 100 million users just two months after the launch in August 2016. Instagram Stories now has over 250 million, just like WhatsApp Status, while Messenger Day has over 70 million.

Intagram Stories, should improve thanks to Facebook stories

Instagram does not reveal the breakdown of its 250 million users in terms of the people they publish compared to those who watch, but the launch of the syndication feature could bring a ton of new content to Facebook Stories, which recently added the desktop display. Instagram is also bringing the visualization and publication of Stories from the desktop.

When Facebook Stories was launched for the first time, many people noticed only a few views, despite the great popularity of Facebook, but it is plausible that the public is still warming up on Facebook Stories and that the counts can quickly improve.

Instagram stories on Facebook stories

Facebook stories for easy cross posting

People seem more willing to look at Stories on Facebook, even if there are not enough content as it is open only to users and public figures and its camera is problematic and still little used. Meantime the refined composer from Instagram Stories widely used and open to brands. In essence, if you are looking for visibility, Facebook Stories is now becoming a good opportunity.


It is desirable that the whole line of Facebook applications will end with the allow an easy cross-posting, so that it doesn't matter anymore if you compose on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger, because you will be able to share content on all the networks you want with a single upload. Furthermore, if Facebook acted brilliantly, it would also automatically understand who looked at what and where, so as not to report on Instagram Stories how the same History previously viewed on Facebook was not seen.

The interoperability of Facebook stories

The growing public and interoperability of Facebook's Stories products should worry Snapchat, which has seen daily users fall from a stellar growth of 17.2% per quarter, before the launch of its clone by Instagram last year, at a humble 4.4% in the second quarter of 2017. Snapchat still clings to its chronological feed, despite the relevance classification of Facebook in its News Feed and Stories which makes it easier to keep up to date with close friends.

Facebook stories continues despite the accusations of plagiarism

Facebook does not back off, no matter how much it is criticized for plagiarism. The project manager, Luke Woods, when asked if he felt it was ethical to copy Snapchat, replied: "We put people first. We are focusing on the result, on helping them achieve their goals, and only secondarily on what form to take ”.

So, even if Facebook were to overcome its pride to proceed on this path, if Stories what users want, Stories will be the one to give them. And all the statistics indicate that Facebook users want these vertical video slideshows, regardless of who invented them.