Instagram editing effects for Windows

Instagram editing effects for Windows

I happened to ask myself several times if it was possible to use the effects offered by Instagram, which in my opinion are very practical and beautiful, to edit the photos on my PC with Windows 8. I have therefore discovered that there is a special software, which allows to obtain the effects. editing Instagram for Windows 8. This program is called Fotor. If you want to download it, you will need to go to this one link.

Fotor a photo editor similar to Instagram that allows you to retouch your images on Windows 8. The first advantage of this program that very well adapted to the Windows operating system.

editing InstagramIt is a photo editor that will help you touch up your photos with a sort of "Instagram feeling". Once you enter the program interface, choose the image. First of all, Fotor will allow you to act on brightness, contrast, saturation and on many other properties and characteristics of your images. It will also allow you to rotate them. You will also have access to many high quality and very practical filters.

With this Instagram editing simulator there are also plenty of frames to add to your images. To apply them to your images, just click on them to make your changes. It will also be very easy to remove the effects and frames you have inserted.

A feature that I think is very interesting Selective Focus, or the possibility to focus only on a selected area, which will be clearly seen, despite the rest of the image that will be blurred.

Other basic options are also provided for each image editor, such as the possibility of cutting out only some areas. Obviously you can save and share your projects by simply clicking on "Save". To share them instead you just need to click on "Share", this item on the side of the window. You can then choose which social network to share it with.

Well, now I've finished the presentation of this fantastic Instagram-matching software. If it seemed useful, share it with your friends! Also if you have doubts, requests or suggestions, don't hesitate to comment!