Instagram archive

Instagram archive: hide old posts without deleting them

The Instagram Archive feature is now available to all users, after testing a small group of people during the month of May

The Instagram Archive feature allows any user to hide their old posts without having to delete them. Entering a photo menu, where you normally see options such as edit or delete, you will be able to view an option to archive an image. By clicking on that button, the photo will be moved to a private gallery of its archive – and only the user will be able to see it.

Instagram archive: can be deleted without deleting old posts

Instagram hopes that the archive will allow people not to delete their photos and therefore feel more comfortable sharing some shots. Some of the users – some teenagers, in particular – have the habit of eliminating those images that do not collect enough like or which they believe are too personal. The archive will keep the images online, without having to be necessarily eliminated or shared, so that they can be found later.

Photos invisible to others

There is also a way to send the photos from the archive to your profile, and they will appear in their original chronological position. From your account you will be able to access the archive from a rewind button (the clock with the arrow) in the upper right corner of the application profile.

Instagram archiveInstagram Archive