Induzione e alimentazione wireless oggi sposi in cucina con KI: la demo al CES 2020

Induction and wireless power now married in the kitchen with cordless KI: the demo at CES 2020

In the days of CES 2020, a stand outside the exhibition halls and in front of the press room promoted theWireless Power Consortium (WPC): more than a demo of a feeding technology, it seemed like a cooking demo with blenders, pots, food processors that alternated on normal surfaces that nothing could make us think represented the hobs of the future.

In reality it was a demo of the standard Ki (to pronounce Chi) or Cordless Kitchen with many compatible products such as rice cookers, toasters, blenders, coffee machines, air fryers and much more.

Induction and wireless power now married in the kitchen with cordless KI: the demo at CES 2020

The logo and brand Ki Cordless Kitchen represent an indication of the safety and interoperability of cordless kitchen appliances, as well as the Qi logo for mobile devices: as we mentioned at the time when defining the logo, the Ki Cordless Kitchen standard reminds a little of that of charging bases wireless for smartphones.

In practice, a series of transmitters are integrated under the kitchen worktop, so that all the compatible appliances placed above receive up to 2.2 kW of power, more than enough to power any cooking system or directly heat any compatible pot .

The technology is also compatible with induction hobs, making them in turn also real "pods" for food.

To ensure safety, the use of sensors that allow the recognition of non-"compatible" elements such as keys, telephones or other extraneous elements positioned on the work surface, preventing – as a consequence – the transmission of energy.

The various safety mechanisms allow the appliances to be stored when they are not in use, allowing you to create a clean, modern and tidy environment in the kitchen (the absence of power cables offers more space to work and more freedom in positioning the various objects). Enabled appliances communicate with the transmitter via near-field communication (NFC), a safe, pervasive and inexpensive short-range transceiver technology already used in many other areas.

Obviously this will lead to an enormous freedom of design of modern kitchens and make the cooking and food treatment space present wherever a power outlet can be hidden under the surface: the Ki Cordless Kitchen standard will work with any work surface that is not in metal, including granite, marble, laminate elements, wood and other materials.

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