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Independent films and proprietary formats.

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Independent films and proprietary formats. –

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In Park City in the state of Utah, the Sundance Film Festival is held every year, but those who cannot go thousands of miles to the land of Mormons, for some time on the web, have been able to view some film reviews, especially short films.

This year the festival has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to offer four "shorts" with the Windows Media 9 video format. The films that can be seen with the Microsoft player (or better, that we Mac users will not be able to see given that said player still stuck in version 7, instead of 9, for our platform) are "Masked and Anonymous", "The Maldonado Miracle", "A Foreign Affair" and "Milk and Honey". It is important for the Redmond house to try to break through in one of the few sectors where it still does not have the power, that of digital formats, in fact I know that in Hollywood, Real and QuickTime have so far been much more welcome and the latest choices on MPEG 4 have only produced an increase in this distance between the parties (Microsoft and the film industry).

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