In the digital world you need less technique and more empathy

In the digital world you need less technique and more empathy

In reality having a greater fundamental sensitivity in the digital world and women first of all are able to understand it.

To succeed on the net you need to know the web and its rules, but this is not enough. To make a difference we must get out of the constant search for formulas and rules, embracing an empathic approach towards which women are more important than men.

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How to be successful on social media

They often ask me which one is right strategy to break into social media. A recipe, rules to follow and at the end of the day, something that I look for myself for the courses I realize: what can be useful to the people who pay to follow my lessons? The world of social media marketing made of strategies, of recipes, tips on how to break through the web: how does the algorithm of social media work? Which social preside? Such a platform is dying, better to bet on another? Which SEO strategy is best to adopt? They are all sacrosanct questions that I also ask myself, in fact, I think it is natural to ask them, just as normal to experiment. Try different techniques, change them and try others, the world of the web and social media marketing made of experiments and tests that gradually define your daily strategy.

The technical part to have success

In a recent video I suggested, somewhat provocatively, the recipe for online success. I gave an advice as simple as it was difficult to carry out: publish quality content every day.An excellent daily content on your social channels and you will see the results, not immediately, certainly not in the first month, but in the long run you will be able to create your audience and reach the goal you set for yourself. This is like other tips I give daily for technical reasons. All this technique, important but not fundamental.Once you learn the basic steps to follow, can you really do a business online via your social media or blog? No, absolutely not. Knowing the web, the logics that dominate it, knowing the very important technique but to work on the blog, on social media, build one's own online reputation and above all to work online, you need more: need to be empathetic.

Magic? No, empathy

You can be the best social media manager, marketer, blogger in the world, but if you can't communicate it, you're nobody. Empathy that particular ability to put yourself in the shoes of others or better, to understand the state of mind of others, a gift that is difficult to have and to train. Because not everyone is able to empathize. I add a reflection, how to empathize when dealing with people on the other side of a screen, which we do not see and interact with in an often asynchronous way? Not easy, but we must commit ourselves to apply it. Empower the mainstay of online communication. If you do not like talking to others, if you do not love this work, you will hardly be able to convey the opposite feeling to those who follow you. It is not easy also because for us men it is not easy to practice expressing emotions. a matter of socialization, we have always been accustomed and partly educated in this way: the males have the technical competence, the females the emotions. This subtle division, inculcated from an early age, is proposed more on the web, where it seems that the technique and the formulas prevail over the communication in an empathic way.

We need more women in digital

Actually have one greater fundamental sensitivity in the digital world and the women first of all are able to understand it.Not a clich, I firmly believe. In the digital world a greater female presence would be needed, that particular sensibility with which women manage to deal with situations and problems would be useful: not only with the technique therefore, but with lempatia.La network has a strong masculine orientation, all a how to do a, the 10 rules for those who communicate on the web often lose sight of the reason why we all communicate: we look for a stimulus, an emotion, if this is missing, the very essence of communication is lacking and it will be difficult to succeed in asserting yourself on the network.The masculine connotation of the digital world must be colored by an increasing female presence. We must learn the reliability that women have in being able to communicate and know how to relate to others. We need to get out of the constant search for formulas and rules to break into the network, to learn to better express our personality. Making online communication is not something purely technical but goes beyond, something artistic, made of nuances, made of one's own personality. something that goes beyond its preparation on the world of digital and social media, something that requires particular skills.

In digital, in reality, little technique and much more empathy are needed.