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In six months AppleStore also in Europe?

In six months AppleStore also in Europe? – Macitynet.it

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They are one of Apple's biggest commercial successes. The place where fans find everything they need and PC users do "switches". The AppleStores, the stores that Apple has built in the United States, represent one of Steve Jobs's happiest intuitions since returning to Apple. So much so as to be considered, in the Apple budget, as a region in its own right after America, Europe and Asia.

At MacWorld in San Francisco we had investigated to try to understand if there was a specific plan, with deadlines, regarding the opening of stores in Europe. Nothing. No news except the deductions of fellow US journalists for whom "Apple will probably open earlier in Japan than in Europe".

Now, if what the British Sunday Business website reports, precise Pascal Cagni, Apple's vice president and responsible for Europe of the company (whose headquarters in the Old Continent in Paris), will open a window in the curtain of confidentiality of Steve Jobs.

Six or eighteen months at the latest before Apple arrives in Europe with its stores. The first two stages, definitely Paris and London. Then we'll see. And we will return to inform you when we have more precise information about it.

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