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In New York 750 MHz iMac, but old-fashioned

MacUser UK also joins the bandwagon of those who believe that there will be no radical renewal of the iMac during the next MacWorld Expo: n LCD, n new case, n any significant modification to the hardware and accessories. The only change to the look is two new colors that will follow the disappearance of the unfortunate polka dot and floral iMacs.

The British newspaper, usually very well informed when it comes to rumors, claims that the processors will go to 650/750 MHz (G3), a significant speed bump but that, again according to MacUser, may not be enough to tickle the sales of the machines, now three years old in their design. The possibility that sales, in the face of a choice of this type, may slow down further compared to the already not very flourishing situation of the last quarter, which is also present at Apple. Hence the decision to offer in addition to the renewed machines also a series of substantial discounts.

It will go from $ 50 to $ 80 for the bundled purchase of a Lexmark printer to $ 100 of those who purchase digital products such as the Hewlett-Packard 315 camera, the HandSpring Visor Edge, the Rio 600 / 32MB MP3 player, a camera Canon ZR20 or ZR25 MC digital camcorder.

Note that these discounts will be valid not only for iMacs but for the entire Apple range, G4 and laptops included. At the moment it is not clear whether this promotion, which will start on the day of the presentation of the new iMacs, will also be extended outside the USA, but at first glance it appears very likely if not inevitable. Assuming MacUser is really right.